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Recruitment Policy
We ensure that our recruitment is conducted in a manner that provides fair and equal opportunity and access for all people. We are committed to a policy of treating all of our employees and job applicants equally. No employee or potential employee will receive less favourable treatment or consideration on the ground of race, colour, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability, marital status or part-time status or will be disadvantaged by any conditions of employment that cannot be justified as necessary on operations grounds. The only discriminatory factor in decisions will be a person’s ability to perform the job concerned. CTG Global reserves the right to select the most suitable Employees for tasking and deployment.

Our Recruitment, Hiring & Mobilisation Process
CTG Global’s selection process is autonomous, merit based and thoroughly managed. Selection goes through a number of phases; applicants either apply to advertisements of specific jobs or send in speculative CV’s. All CV’s upon receipt are assessed for credibility; candidate if suited to a specific position is invited for first interview to ascertain whether his character, desires and skills are as required. Successful candidates will then have a full background check done which includes a ten year history and screening check to the UK’s BS7858 standards.  

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